New Interior Design Trends 2017

With the housing market looking very uncertain as the UK inches towards Brexit and global financial markets shudder in response to an increasingly uncertain world, 2017 looks certain to be the year in which people decide to stay put and renovate. Rather than renovating to sell, homeowners are going to renovate for themselves.

Nicola, owner of NicolaScannelldesign and recommended designer on Houzz, the biggest interior design portal, sees this as an opportunity for homeowners to put their own unique marks on their properties. “If you are going to stay where you are for the next few years, why not have the style, character and space you have always really wanted”.

So what does Nicola think home interiors will look like in 2017? The shades of grey that have dominated 2015 and 2016 look set to be replaced with stronger, more vibrant colours balanced with some lovely pastels. Pantone has named Kale, that culinary superfood that featured so highly on menus in 2016, as one of its 2017 colours. Along with the shocking Pink Yarrow and a soothing deep blue grey Niagara. These are tempered by the lighter shades of the dusty pink Pale Dogwood and pale turquoise Island Paradise. Using a deep purple like Wild Blueberry in the Dulux Heritage range, the dark allure of the greeny blue Midnight Teal Dulux Heritage or the smokey blue of Denim Drift by Dulux will add depth and richness, making a room warm and cosy. Lovers of Farrow and Ball will look to the deep Inchyra Blue, the vibrant turquoise Vardo and the rich muddy Salon Drab which are set to be statement colours for next year. These can be tempered against soft pastels and pale colours like Shadow White and Cromarty by Farrow and Ball or Buckle Brush or Muted Blush by Dulux.

“Texture and naturalness are going to be features of 2017 homes” says Nicola. With the advancing technology used by the porcelain industry people can have very natural looking materials with 3D curves and patterns. The costs are relatively low compared to natural quarried materials which will suit the budgets of 2017. Other inexpensive materials such as cork seem to be making a come back as does greenery in the home – whether it’s real or the excellent fakes now available on the market.

These trend predictions might excite interior design followers. However, just because something is on trend, does not mean it needs to end up in every UK home. Nicola works with her clients to create them a unique style and design to suit them and their budget. Having an interior designer does not mean that one don’t get to choose. To the contrary says Nicola “I am there to make suggestions and to open up
possibilities but ultimately I am just a facilitator. What is important is that my clients love their space, that it is functional and comfortable for their unique lifestyles. Having an interior designer on board like me does not need to cost the earth – I am to there give my clients the most cost effective ways of achieving their dream home.”

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